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BiRPdoublemagnet >Natural & Smoked< 2-pack

BiRPmagnet twinpack natural and smoked oak 600
BiRPmagnet om whiteboard 600
BiRP smoked oiled oak - magnet and onthewall 600
BiRP natural oiled oak - magnet and onthewall 600
BiRPmagnet dimension 3D 600

BiRPdoublemagnet >Natural & Smoked< 2-pack

229,00 DKK

BiRP is a magnet for whiteboard or fridge. Get 2 pieces in a twin-pack with 1 of each color!

The strong magnets can be used to hold on to shopping list, postcards or even a dishtowel onto the fridge or whiteboard. But BiRP is a double magnet and it can therefore also be used to hang things such as pens, keys or paperclips.


Product Description

BiRP is made of solid oak wood from 100% certified sustainable European forests.
Available in natural oiled oak, smoked oiled oak or twin pack with one of each.

Additional Information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 14 x 7 x 2 cm


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