Who is Collect?


Danish company specialized within sustainable ECO-labeled furniture.
COLLECT furniture was founded in 2008 with the launch of furniture designed for children. Our focus is motivating and awakening children’s curiosity, while the furniture’s quality and design appeal to parents and grandparents. But the children’s furniture is not just for the kid bedroom, but is designed to fit in anywhere, giving the children their space in the adult rooms. Several of the children furniture is even just as functional for the adults themselves!
Since then our collection also includes designs for adults: KANT coffeetable, shelf Vink and BiRPmagnets – all playful and multifunctional.
The entire collection is designed by Frederic Collette.

Durability, sustainability and safety are in focus already at an early design stage. With a background in civil engineering, Frédéric Collette is deeply involved in all aspects of production, considering each piece of furniture’s total environmental impact from cradle to grave with strict demands – not only with respect to the use of certified sustainable wood, glue and oil, but also for example in terms of packaging, production ethics, health impact on children using the furniture and ensuring strong, long-lasting products. This approach has granted some of our furniture the Nordic ECO-label SWAN, clearly communicating our health and safety awareness, Eco-friendly production and high quality.